If you would like to ask a question, or comment on Precision Labels, Precision Decals, Precision 3D Models or our Precision Marketplace, please get in touch at any time using the links below. See our developments as they happen and follow us on "Instagram" to - send us your finished model pictures to share - win special offers. Most of our productions are for special requests that don't appear on this site - one-off nameplates, numbering, logos, etc.. If you've not found what you were looking for, please enquire. We want you to be completely delighted with our products and service, anything less and we would like to hear from you directly.

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We are pleased to provide quotations for custom-made special orders. That often requires clear close-up square-on pictures of the real thing, as well as of the target model with a ruler on it for scaling. We may ask for a non-refundable deposit charge for art work development time.

If you are interested in having some decal transfers printed from your own art work, make sure you've read the special details page from the button below regarding how to prepare files. The page includes a pricing guide, colour charts, links to free downloadable tools, and an example project.



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    We have linked to hundreds of relevant pictures and further information pages at third-party sites from many of our ordering pages. If you find a problem with any of the links on our site, please report it so we can try to find where something has moved and update things.

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Item pages have PayPal on-line Shopping Cart buttons for secure direct purchasing. The "?" button in each ordering page, and the "Cart Operation" button below, link to a page with details of how we operate the Shopping Cart functions. You'll find there details of our shipment methods, returns handling, legal and other policies for orders placed through this site.

Note: We only use PayPal for on-line order payments to "JR Peck", we do not accept any other methods of payment. If you do not have access to use PayPal, please contact our general shop outlets instead - refer to the list on the bottom of the home page.

Confirmation of direct order details are sent by email from PayPal. Orders are only processed once payment has cleared. While most forms of payment are cleared immediately, be aware that "eCheque" payments can take several weeks. We will usually only email you if an order is likely to be delayed, or if there is some query about it. We aim to ship orders in less than 28 days, typically in less than a week for U.K. deliveries. Most things are printed to order, so please allow two weeks before enquiring about delivery.

Address Details

We do not publish our physical address details directly in our web pages - they are made available by email on request, as part of a "durable" copy of our full ordering terms and conditions, as required by the U.K. "Distance Selling Regulations". Our operations are carried out from a private residence, with no facilities for visitors. All business is conducted through PayPal and there is normally no requirement to post anything to us. Please contact us using the links at the top of this page for full details.

Auction Sales

We occasionally sell things on the eBay web site using the single user id "plabels".

Link: - about "me" page    (Note the real URL in the status line!)

From the link above you can list anything we have for sale at the moment, and review our recent feedback.


We are passionate about Precision and set out to make only the best products, we will not be beaten on quality, or tollerate price undercutting by competitors:
  • Think you could have purchased a better product elsewhere ?
    Please Contact Us within 60 days to arrange a return and we will refund in full the payment
    for any purchase from us, and also we will pay you additionally for the cost of
    any competitor's existing alternative product that you would have preferred to
    have bought - just send us the details of whatever else you want instead.

  • Has a competitor undercut something you purchased and made you unhappy with our price ?
    Just tell us the competition's price, we will refund the difference where you are keeping our items.

  • Bought something from a competitor and then realised that we sell the superior products ?
    Send us pictures of an offending item from elsewhere, we will send you our better version for free.

Other Companies

Please note we have no connection with "Precision Labels" based in Australia - makers of fine wine bottle labels, they are "".

We are also unconnected with "Precision Transfers" - related to the excellent "Phoenix Precision Paints" range for modellers.